The Best Ecommerce Website Builders

1) SquareSpace

SquareSpace offers the best ecommerce solution out of all the website builders I tested. Their comprehensive solution allows you, amongst other things, to easily track outstanding orders, send customer updates and tracks customer activity.

SquareSpace is using Stripe as their payment processor for their ecommerce solution, so in order to use it, you’ll need to sign up on Stripe for a free account. Keep in mind that as with all other ecommerce solutions, there are overhead costs, which in Stipe are 2.9% + 30 cents out of every sale they process.

The ecommerce solution if offered in all of SquareSpace’s packages, starting at $8 per month if you want to see 1 product, and up to $24 per month for the unlimited solution.

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Squarespace makes it easy to add, edit, or remove e-commerce store products with its drag and drop functionality.

Squarespace makes it easy to add, edit, or remove e-commerce store products with its drag and drop functionality.

The Squarespace Commerce system, accessed from the Site Manager, allows for a full breadth of e-commerce activities, including setting up a storefront for physical or digital goods and services, integrating products or services into other web pages or blog posts, and managing orders.

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2) offers an extensive ecommerce solution by partnering with ecwid.

With ecwid you can easily manage your products catalog, adjust shipping and tax settings, and run promotions based on time or coupon codes. Integrating ecwid into is done in just a few clicks, and setting up your own store could be completed in just 5 minutes.

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E-commerce functionality is available with, however, it’s important to know that it is an add-on that must be purchased separately. This add-on option is available under the Add Ons tab from the main navigation page.

The Ecwid widget makes iss fast and easy to add e-commerce to your website.The Ecwid widget makes it fast and easy to add e-commerce to your website.

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3) Wix

Wix offers a variety of ecommerce solutions. You can either use their own shopping cart solution or use on the payment processing solutions offered in their app store (e.g shopify, ecwid, or sellfy).

Choosing one of the 3rd party solutions will require you to open a new account in the service of your choice, while if you are going with the Wix solution, you can start setting up your new store right away. After a few days though you will be required to upgrade to the ‘ecommerce package’ for $16 per month.

Perhaps a better and cheaper solution would be to use the ecwid app found on the Wix app market. That will be free, or $19.90 per month if you plan on selling more than 10 different products.

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Wix impresses with the depth of features it offers as part of its ecommerce platform, and importantly, provides all users (no matter the plan they’re on) the chance to play around with its online store manager even before upgrading to an eCommerce plan.

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4) Weebly

Weebly ecommerce solution allows you to easily add a full catalog store or single products to your website, and process the payments using PayPal, Stripe or

Their ecommerce solution if free on all of its premium packages, and is packed with all the features an ecommerce website need and then some. The main disadvantage though is that on top of the processing fee of the service you decide to work with (around 3% usually), and on top of the monthly payment you make to weebly (starts at $3.3 per month with a limit of 10 products), Weebly also charge an extra 3% on all sales. However, if you go with their business package ($19 per month), they will not charge you the extra 3%.

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Weebly’s site creator platform supports an e-commerce store, with everything needed to build an online store, including inventory management, a fully integrated shopping cart, shipping methods and SEO strategies. Weebly e-commerce gives you the option of selling products, services, digital services, or all three. The e-commerce platform is optimized to work across all devices, from desktop to mobile.

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5) Moonfruit

Moonfruit ecommerce solution is great but it got to #5 position only because PayPal is their only ecommerce solution.

Other than that “ShopBuilder” (that’s how they call their online store solution) is amazing, with tons of great features like email alerts on sales, easy stock management, and settings for different shipping fees to every country you plan to serve.

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It’s best to choose the Shop theme template right from the start if you are planning to sell products at any time. This way, the site is already optimized for e-commerce. The Moonfruit ShopBuilder is well-designed, making it easy to create and manage an online shop within your website.

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6) Webs

Webs provides e-commerce capabilities with three choices: using theCommerce tab on the Builder module, setting up a Webs e-commerce store, or integrating your Esty store into your Webs website. To clarify, the Commerce module is mostly for selling only a few items. A Webs e-commerce store is for those planning to sell a large number of products and are looking for complete functionality to manage all facets of an e-commerce store.

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E-commerce tools, such as a shopping cart, product catalog, etc. are not offered with the basic Website Builder plan, however they are available by upgrading to an eCommerce package. offers three options to accommodate businesses planning to offer only a few products to those wanting unlimited product options.

web-com ecommerce pricing
The eCommerce packages are designed for businesses of all sizes and include all the features and functions necessary to make sales online.


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8) GoDaddy

At the onset, GoDaddy gives you the option to build your own website or online store. If you know you will be engaging in e-commerce from the start, you should use the online store option, which is a separate website builder for creating a virtual storefront.


The online store is a separate website builder offered by GoDaddy for businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to conduct online sales.
The online store is a separate website builder offered by GoDaddy for businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to conduct online sales.


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9) 1&1

1&1 makes it easy to expand your website to sell products or services online directly from your website without entering any coding or installing software. What’s nice about it is you never leave the website editor.

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10) IM Creator

With IM Creator you can easily add a PayPal integration button to your site and start selling your products in a matter of minutes. All you need to do before that is make sure you have an active PayPal account that can receive payments. Then, just follow this easy guide, and create a special link for the product you want to sell. That’s a perfect solution for anyone who wants to sell a small number of items.

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