When it comes to website builders that are easy to work with, simple to navigate, contains lots of valuable features, supports an e-commerce store and is priced right, very few are in the same league as WebsiteBuilder. It’s the ideal solution for anyone looking for a stunning professional website they can create themselves without being tech savvy with code like HTML or CSS, or skilled in web design.

WebsiteBuilder makes it quick and easy, with only three simple steps to having a great looking, extremely functional, quality website. is based in the United Kingdom, but has a global presence, with separate divisions for the United States and Canada, Australia, and the UK and European Union. The company stays true to its philosophy of an easy to use website builder with its three-step process.

It’s a powerful site builder that conveniently enables you to get a domain name and create, manage and host your website all from the same company. Some main features that make this website builder among the best are:

  • Uniquely and creatively designed templates;
  • A free domain name and business e-mail address;
  • Easy to apply SEO tools;
  • Quick and simple e-commerce integration.



Just three steps are involved in creating a website with

  1. Choose a design template.
  2. Customize your website.
  3. Publish your website online with one click.

But before you can begin the three-step process, account setup is required, even if you are creating a free website. The pop-up form guides you to fill in your full name and the e-mail address and password you want to use to access your account.

To get started with WebsiteBuilder, you first have to create an account, even for the free plan.


As soon as you establish an account, the main navigation page gets you started with creating a new site. The left toolbar allows for easy managing of all your sites, domain names and account details. By clicking the Create a new site button, you’re on your way to choosing a template to begin building your own website.

This navigation page gets you started with creating a new site with
This navigation page gets you started with creating a new site with

A nice shortcut is the preview and edit options when scrolling over the template designs. This allows you to preview the entire design, or select it to begin editing it to fit your business. The edit option seamlessly loads the website editor. Another plus is the way in which the website editor intuitively guides you through creating your web pages.

The web page builder is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so adding elements and moving content around is super fast and effortless. All you need to do is click on what you want to place and move it to where you want it. This type of interface gives you the freedom to experiment and try different placements of elements.

The website editor is also concise and well organized, so you’re not overwhelmed with all these toolbars cluttered with options. There are only two toolbars, one on the top and one along the left side. The top toolbar is mainly for formatting and accessibility functions, such as undo, redo, copy and paste, preview, save, publish, and upgrade your plan. It should be noted that you can still use your keyboard shortcuts for some of these functions, particularly copying and pasting.

The top and left toolbars on’s web editor are clean and uncluttered.
The top and left toolbars on’s web editor are clean and uncluttered.


The left toolbar contains five tabs. Simply click on the Pages tab to add new pages to your website or edit existing ones. The website editor performs a nice time saving function here by automatically adding your new pages to your current master template and to your website’s page menu.

The Add tab is another simple tool for enhancing your web pages with text, images, diagrams, buttons, slideshows, videos, or images from’s free image library. A nice feature is the ability to add dynamic content, like Twitter updates, picture galleries and RSS feeds.

The Design tab is for customizing the look of your website. You can choose or change the color scheme of your site, the text style and fonts, and the page background.

At the bottom of the left toolbar is the Stats tab for checking the performance of your website and the Manage tab for managing various aspects of your website, such as e-commerce features, social media accounts and SEO meta tags.

When you’re happy with the look of your website, simply click the button to publish it live. And any time you want to make updates or changes, simply log into your account, click on My Sites from the main navigation screen and select the Edit option. Another time-saving feature is when you save your website updates, the edits are automatically updated to both your website and domain.



When it comes to a mobile-enabled website, there’s a huge advantage in using to build a website. All its templates are fully responsive, which means your website design will automatically accommodate the device accessing your website, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.’s site building interface is optimized to automatically create both a regular size website for desktop computers and a mobile site for mobile devices.’s site building interface is optimized to automatically create both a regular size website for desktop computers and a mobile site for mobile devices.


By being fully optimized, the website builder ensures mobile compatibility. Because all templates are fully responsive, your website will look great and perform well on all types of mobile devices. No extra work is needed on your part, nor is a separate website needed to accommodate mobile devices.

If you want to see a mobile preview of your website, simply click on the preview button on the top toolbar in the website editor.


Themes excels in several areas, and themes is one of them. It offers more than 10,000 options nicely organized in 20 categories, such as architecture and real estate, music and entertainment, beauty and fashion, business and consultant, professional services, sports and leisure, etc. Specific themes cater to weddings, blogs and portfolios, design and creative, and one page websites.

For those with design experience, offers blank templates for customizing your design from scratch.


Plenty of themed templates are available from and are easy to search by category or keyword.
Plenty of themed templates are available from and are easy to search by category or keyword.

It’s easy to search the themes, either navigating them by selecting a category or entering a search term.

Best yet, the template designs offer a good variety, from classic or modern, to edgy or eclectic, to cutesy or professional. As a result, they can suit numerous site themes, such as a business website, a blog, a personal website, an event-focused site, etc.

More importantly, the look of the themes is truly top-notch, not a cookie-cutter approach. Each evokes a certain feel and the design touches are quality driven. Equally important is that each theme is highly customizable, so you can change elements easily. For example, if you want to add a business logo or your company’s color scheme, the themes give you that flexibility.



As your business grows, has built-in features to meet your needs. All plans offer unlimited pages, so you can add or change pages as needed simply by clicking on the Pages tab from the main navigation screen.

If you want to access more features and services by upgrading your subscription plan, this is easily done by changing your billing plan using the My Services tab in the My Account section of your account dashboard.

The additional upgrade options will be unlocked for your use, so there’s no need to replicate or change your website when moving between different subscriptions.



WebsiteBuilder includes a nice portfolio of SEO tools for free. These tools allow you to enhance your website’s search engine results ranking by making it more visible to the major search engines.

In addition, there are free, built-in SEO tools for tracking key traffic stats, such as the number of visitors to your site, how long they stay on your site, the most popular pages visited on your site, and the actions visitors conduct on your site. As an added bonus, you can add a Google Analytics tracking code to your website and track visitor stats this way, too. also makes it easy for you to add meta descriptions and meta tags to your web pages to boost their SEO. Simply select the Manage tab at the bottom of the left side tool bar in the website editor, choose Site, and then Manage from the site settings menu. Using the site meta tags field, it’s fast and easy to enter your meta data.

Another SEO tool lets you add page meta tags. Use the Pages tab on the left side tool bar of the website editor, select Manage Pages and the applicable page in which you want to add the meta tag. You’ll see the Page Information option, which will give you access to the page meta tags field.



Numerous site builders fail in allowing users to easily integrate a blog into their websites. This is not the case with As with creating a website, adding a blog to it involves only a quick and easy setup.

From the website editor, select the Add tab and choose Social from the drop-down menu; it’s that simple.

For those wanting to create a personal or business blog apart from their website, that option is available by adding another site to your account and choosing the blog template theme.



E-commerce functionality is available with, however, it’s important to know that it is an add-on that must be purchased separately. This add-on option is available under the Add Ons tab from the main navigation page.

That being said, adding e-commerce to your website is a seamless integration that is quick and easy to implement. To add a store, click the Add tab on the left side tool bar, click the E-Commerce button and then the Store button. This is where you will decide whether to add your e-commerce store to a current page or create a new, separate page for it. Your store is then automatically added to your website.

The Ecwid widget makes iss fast and easy to add e-commerce to your website.
The Ecwid widget makes iss fast and easy to add e-commerce to your website.


A helpful feature offered by is the store example images. From the pop-up Settings menu, select Manage Store to add products, add a PayPal widget to your site, set shipping and taxes, and make other e-commerce enhancements. utilizes the Ecwid e-commerce widget to help you set up your store and access full support. It’s a seamless integration with Ecwid and its seven-step setup tool is easily accessed from the Store Settings tab in the editor. Plus, there’s a really good help guide to provide any assistance you need.


Speed has designed its site building interface to enable web pages to load extremely fast. The back end functionality has been built to ensure a high uptime rate, so your site is rarely down for maintenance during peak hours and operates at fast speeds, regardless of the amount of traffic it is receiving.

The company also prides itself on having error free templates, a big ranking signal for search engines and an important feature for e-commerce websites.


Price is free, but the website you build will include ads promoting the site builder and its other affiliates. If you want an ad-free website, you will need to upgrade to a subscription plan. offers three plans: Personal, Pro and Premium. All subscription plans include the basics of free hosting, a free domain name, and free ad credits. The Personal plan is $8.95 a month and comes with just the basic services. The Pro plan is $9.95 a month and includes the basic services plus SEO and marketing help and mobile sites. The Premium plan is $13.95 a month and includes the basic services, as well as SEO and marketing help, mobile sites, e-mail assistance and priority support.

The three subscription plans offered by are affordably priced.
The three subscription plans offered by are affordably priced.


Any subscription plan can be upgraded at any time by using the My Details tab under the Account section and choosing the My Services option.


Top 3 Pros and Cons


  • You can enhance a web page or an element on a page by adding a behavior. A behavior triggers a specific action. For example, when you apply the rotate behavior, an element will rotate when the mouse is rolled over it. Or you can add an enlarge behavior and an element will become bigger when clicked on. The behavior function is perfect for giving visitors a more interactive experience.
  • You can change the size of any page simply by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and dragging the bottom border of the page to your preferred length. This functionality is helpful on pages that require more content.
  • The free responsive mobile website that is included with all website templates.


  • A lack of images provided with help topic explanations. You have to rely on reading the instructions, whereas visuals would be faster and more effective.
  • Too few support options, such as live chat and video tutorials.
  • Although a free domain is included with subscription plans, you will be charged the full cost of domain registration if you cancel your subscription before the term of your subscription (either one year or two years) has ended.


Support has an adequate online support center that’s available 24/7 to provide guidance on various topics related to building a website or e-commerce store. The support center is conveniently arranged into four help areas: a keyword search, tech support, billing support and contact us. A helpful feature is the Top 5 FAQs links.


The main page of the Support Center conveniently categorizes its areas of help for fast assistance.
The main page of the Support Center conveniently categorizes its areas of help for fast assistance.

When building your website, the tech support area is the most helpful. When you click on it, the tech support page breaks down the options even further into nine categories: getting started, my account, editor, adding content, design, social media, SEO, mobile and widgets. When selected, each category icon links you to a section arranged by subtopic headings, with good detailed information pertinent to the main topic.


Tech Support is categorized by topic to make it easier to find the assistance you need.
Tech Support is categorized by topic to make it easier to find the assistance you need.

If you need additional help beyond the knowledge base, choose the contact us category. A pop-up box requires you to fill in your name, e-mail address, subject and details about your issue, and to select from a pull-down menu the type of support you’re seeking, such as technical, billing, etc.

Unfortunately, support is limited to text information. Sorely missing are images to illustrate the steps, video tutorials and live chat. However, the support information is explained concisely, so these additional support aids may not be needed by most users.


Whom This Website Builder Is Ideal For? was designed for anyone who wants a website, but doesn’t have the design or technical experience to build one themselves. It caters to busy professionals who want to build a respectable website in only a few hours. More specifically, the site builder is ideal for small businesses and professionals in any industry because of its affordable subscription plans and the ease of using its builder.

With its portfolio templates and blank templates, those in the creative fields will find building a website with very useful. also appeals to those needing a website for personal reasons, such as a wedding or family reunion. Nonprofits needing just one page for an event or fundraising also will benefit from this site builder.


Conclusion is successful in building a user-interface that allows anyone to easily create a professional website with great functionality. And for those who want more design input or a more complex website, the site builder is extremely flexible to accommodate those needs.

Compared to other site builders, ranks the highest in terms of ease of use and depth of features. What’s more, it offers its comprehensive web building tool at an affordable price, plus includes a free domain and web hosting, too.

For established businesses looking to create or enhance their web presence, or for new businesses that need a well-functioning site without the high costs that can grow with their business and provide e-commerce features, is a perfect solution. It takes only a few hours to build a multiple pages website that will perform great and be found by search engines. should be among the considerations for businesses, professionals and nonprofits evaluating solutions for their online needs.


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